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Balloon Twister

Trade Shows 

"a standout performer, hilarious"

Improv Comedy

Mike has worked for companies throughout the world demonstrating products, attracting clients to your company at trade shows and hosting events.

Mike Gold grew up in West Orange,NJ with his 2 brothers where they often wore matching plaid jackets to photo shoots in the 70's.  The past 20 years he has lived in NY City and Brooklyn and just this summer moved to Las Vegas, NV.  He is embarking on a new journey and would love for you to join him.  He is a people person and would love the opportunity to meet you, work with you and have a beer with you.  He also enjoys a good sandwich.  Thanks for stopping by. 



Mike has performed at all of the biggest improv theaters in NYC and with some of the biggest names in comedy throughout his career.  He teaches others to perform improv comedy as well. 

For over 20 years Mike Gold has twisted balloons for parties, sporting events, corporate functions, tv shows and so much more, dazzling people at every turn.  

What can Mike Gold do for you?

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 Recent  Clients

One of NYC's most popular and well revered children's music groups.  Mike's performances throughout their run have impressed audiences of kids and adults alike.